Two days in Pisa

Here some tips for your two days holiday in Pisa

  • Have a different view from the high and discover the inners gardens of the city, having a walk over the wall of Pisa, you can do all the way or just a little part of it
  • Visit the Giardino Scotto and relax on the green
  • Visit the botanical garden near the Miracoli area
  • Visit the open exposition at Palazzo Blu or Museo della Grafica or Museo degli Arsenali
  • Rent a Vespa scooter for a trip to the sea (Tirrenia or Marina di Pisa dists about 20 minutes from the center)
  • Visit the natural park of Migliarino San Rossore (also renting a bike) and have a nice picnic on the green with BIO tuscany food products from the little shop inside the park

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